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How you can create a google site-map

But why do you need a site map? A quick search on Google for advice on developing a site map initially put up many links to pc software you might buy or get for free to make a site map. But why do you really need a website map? Basically as websites get larger and more complex both the browser and the search engine spiders need an easy to check out place to discover all the pages within your site. A site map gives a simple navigational instrument to them. Site routes have 3 main benefits: 1) A site map allows visitors to quickly find what they're seeking by browsing your site map and clicking on the hyperlink to go directly to the page they desire to visit. 2) Usually systems employed to help in reading web-pages for example web page readers and screen readers can just only follow text links. For practical reasons it may not at all times be possible to show a link to every other page within your site on your main page and other pages within your site and therefore use a site map. 3) Search-engine spiders like text and text links. If they can not follow a text link to your page of the site it might not get listed. Identify more on company website by visiting our pictorial essay. Make it simple for the index to list all your pages through a site map. A site map consists of both issues search engines enjoy - text and keywords. To construct a good site map mix related keywords using a super text links. Like on your site map you may have a link to your webpage about website promotion so your url must offers the words 'website promotion' and link directly to that page in your site. If you think you know anything, you will maybe choose to learn about return to site. A site-map doesn't need and certainly shouldn't be fancy, but should be clear and simple to understand. Here are some strategies for an excellent site map: 1. Place a link to your website map on every page and lable it SITE MAP. 2. It should show all of your webpages through different degrees as simple text links. 3. Use standard colors for links and visited links. 4. It should show a quick, easy-to follow over view of the website without the need to scroll around in the web browser. Google began allowing people to send site maps to their account as an easy way of letting google find out about all your websites and improvements to your site. It generally does not improve your page position whatsoever but may be worth making the effort to create correctly. You can find free software for developing site maps at: if you are done, don't forget to inform Google about your site map to allow them to trawl and hopefully index all the pages of the site. Clicking check index status likely provides suggestions you might give to your pastor. well-planned site map may make sure your Web site is fully indexed by search engines.